Instructions for Authors

Submitted manuscripts should be original, meaning they should not be submitted for consideration to another journal nor should they have been published in whole or in part in another journal. Submissions to SPB and editorial work can be made only through our online portal, Editorial manager. New users will need to register before submitting their first paper or review.

Accepted formats

Social Psychological Bulletin (Psychologia Społeczna) accepts submissions in the following forms:

Type of article Word count Time until first decision (in weeks) Maximum number of figures/tables
Short research reports – main body of the article should report empirical results. To discuss more nuanced findings please make good use of the space reserved for supplementary materials 4.000 5-7 2
Full lenght articles – empirical or theoretical papers 10.000 8-10 4
RRR – (plans for) pre-registered high powered (multilab) direct replications 8.000 6-8 4
Original methods – presentations of psychological instruments 8.000 7-10 8

We also encourage authors to submit target articles that will be accompanied by invited commentaries from specialists in the field.

  • We encourage authors not to structure the narrative of their articles on accepting or rejecting hypotheses, but rather on discussing the quality of evidence supporting/opposing their theoretical claims (as Jerzy Neyman’s legacy that „statistics should never be used mechanically”; cf. Gigerenzer, 2004)
  • We encourage our authors to submit short research reports (up to 4000 words) – the process of peer-review on these reports will include less detailed reviews but the turnaround time is to be effectively up to 5-7 weeks until the first decision.
  • We strongly encourage authors to make their data available using some type of permanent data repository such as the Open Science Framework. OSF is free and easy to use. Data files should contain or be accompanied by a codebook describing the variables and the responses.
  • We encourage authors to make a good use of the generous word limit on the abstract length (up to 200 words), which should allow authors to describe their results/conclusion in fair detail.
  • We encourage the use of tables (with the appropriate inferential (CI and size of the effect) and descriptive (N, M, SD) statistics) while we discourage the use of figures except for unusually complicated diagrams (e.g., theoretical or SEM models).
  • Authors are asked to report the exact level of significance (e.g., p = 0.055 or p = 0.045).
  • We encourage the use of supplementary materials. These materials should provide additional information to the reader (e.g., additional analyses or the exact stimuli used). Supplementary materials must be non-reduntant and essential for the full understanding of the the main paper. These materials will be processed within the same peer-review procedures as the main article. Again, the OSF and similar repositories are excellent ways to do this. The supplementary materials do not have a word count nor figure/table/references limit.
  • Usually we give our reviewers 30 days to prepare the review (20 days for short research report format). The authors will get ~30 days to prepare the revision of their paper. The revision must be accompanied by a detailed cover letter describing all the changes that have been made.
  • Each paper is sent to at least three reviewers (experts in the field), the decision is made on the basis of at least two reviews. We employ the double-blind reviewing process. The authors should not reveal their identities in the main body of the manuscript Please note that the Editor’s and Reviewer’s names will be revealed (full names and affiliations) once the article is published in Social Psychological Bulletin (Psychologia Społeczna).
  • All articles submitted to Social Psychological Bulletin (Psychologia Społeczna) should respect rules described in the 6th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
  • All submitted texts should be in Word or rtf format.
  • The authors of accepted papers are asked to sign the CC license agreement (Open Access) and declare specific contributions of all co-authors to the paper.

Submitted manuscripts will be converted into pdf and presented for acceptance by the author. Next the paper will be sent to the editor-in-chief who will appoint an action editor who will appoint reviewers. The author may follow the status of the paper throughout the whole process by logging into the system as an author. The decision (accept, minor revision, revise and resubmit, or reject) will be communicated electronically together with the full text of the reviews. The reviews can also be accessed directly from the system. Social Psychological Bulletin (Psychologia społeczna) makes use of the international Editorial Manager – a convenient internet system for editorial work. Authors are asked to register and/or log in on the journal website Before registering, please make sure that your address is not already in the system. If you have forgotten your login and/or password, you can retrieve it from the system. Avoid by all means a double registration in the system.

Word count: Please note that the word count can exclude title page, references, abstract (separate limit of 200 words) and footnotes.

Gigerenzer, G. (2004). Mindless statistics. The Journal of Socio-Economics, 33, 587–606. PDF