Number 9 (2008)

Brycz, H. (2008). On provocation, purity and scientists

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Hanna Brycz
Institute of Psychology, Gdańsk University

The main goal of the commentary is to understand and evaluate the authors’ motives hidden behind their publication of the text on psycho-business in the Polish popular magazine „Charaktery”. The text, in fact a controversial provocation, may be evaluated in terms of competence and morality. While trying to understand Witkowski’s and Fortuna’s motives underlying the provocation, I also encourage the Authors to work towards improvement of Polish law concerning psychotherapy.
Keywords: provocation, psycho – business, self-presentation, competence and morality domains

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Brycz, H. (2008). On provocation, purity and scientists. Psychologia Społeczna, 9, 309-312.
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