Number 1 (2006)

Wojciszke, B., Baryła, W. (2006). Perspective, Content and Action

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Bogdan Wojciszke
Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw School of Social Psychology
Wiesław Baryła
Institute of Psychology, Gdańsk University
In this answer to comments on our target paper we clarify and specify our model of social actions as construed from the actor (agent) vs. observer (recipient) perspective. Specifically, we propose that in the actor perspective agentic content is accessed automatically while communal content is process in a controlled, effortful way. In the observer perspective, communal content is processed automatically while agentic content in a controlled way. We also attempt to clarify several statements of the original model and present new data providing support for this model.
Keywords: social perception, actors, observers, agency, communion
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Wojciszke, B., Baryła, W. (2006). Perspective, Content and Action. Psychologia Społeczna, 1, 72-80.
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