Social Psychological Bulletin

Published as Psychologia Społeczna (ISSN 1896-1800) from 2006 until 2017

About the Journal

Social Psychological Bulletin (published as Psychologia Społeczna until 12th volume) is a quarterly journal issued by the Polish Association of Social Psychology (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Psychologii Społecznej. The bulletin publishes original empirical studies, review papers, scientific debates, and methodological contributions primarily in basic and applied social psychology. One of the aims of the journal is to bridge the gap between psychological and sociological social psychology. The bulletin will also publish papers from other branches of psychology and from related disciplines, e.g., the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences, that combine social psychological and other approaches. In addition to individual articles, SPB publishes organized discussions around key papers, which can be invited or submitted.